Super8 28-day Hydration Challenge

The Super8 28-day hydration challenge will help children establish the link between urine colour and hydration levels.

Children will learn to recognise urine colour as a key sign of dehydration and understand the importance of drinking water regularly throughout the day. Using the free downloadable chart, children (and parents) can track their urine colour at end of each day and quickly see if they have drank enough.

Why not join them? It's amazing how many adults are continually dehydrated and research suggest children often follow the example of adults when it comes to drinking water.

The 28-day hydration challenge has been designed to work alongside the Super8 wearable hydration reminder. The reminder is a discreet, fun way to help remind kids to drink water regularly throughout the day. The super comfy sweatband with contrasting lightning bolt graphic will instantly make kids look and feel like a powerful super hero! To visit our shop, Click Here.


To download your free hydration challenge chart Click Here. 


At the end of the 28-day challenge children we will reward your superheroes with a personalised certificate.


Request your free personalised certificate here.