About Us

Designed in the UK by parents, designers, scientists, innovators and optimists.

Our Mission.
To improve the physical and mental health of kids around the world. Starting with a basic requirement; hydration.

What inspired us.
As parents, one of the (many) things we found frustrating was when our kids came home from school with a full water bottle!

Our vision was to create an affordable, discreet product to remind kids to drink water regularly. From the outset, we were keen to avoid using flashing lights and screens which might distract kids and annoy their teachers.

We hope Super8 will help kids stay hydrated and focused as well as educate them on the long term benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

We are not perfect... yet!
Our journey started in Birmingham in 2018. It took us over 18 months to take Super8 from a seed of an idea to where we are today - whilst still holding down day jobs!

We have worked super hard to ensure Super8 is a quality product that’s built to last... that said, we are always striving for perfection so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch via the Contact Page.