SUIT UP - it’s time to hydrate

Help kids develop healthy water drinking habits with the Super8 wearable hydration reminder


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Kids should be drinking water 6-8 times per day

for a healthy body and mind -*

Hydration timer inside sweatband vibrates discreetly

to remind kids to drink water throughout the day!

No fiddly set up - just wear and go!

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Waterproof Stickers

to personalise your bottle... get creative!

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Health, Energy & Focus

Unleash those super powers!

Hydration = Concentration

Stay focused at school! Mild dehydration can impair mood, memory and brain performance**

Boost energy and reduce risk of headaches

Losing just 2% of your body’s water content can significantly impair physical performance**

Promote a healthy routine for life

Educate children to help impact personal health and long term benefits to society

How it works

No buttons, instructions or setup - Yay!

Optimal hydration cycle

Whilst being worn, Super8 is awake. The timer and motion activation ensure the vibration reminders are spaced out at regular intervals - every 1h 45mins

Auto switch off at night

When taken off and left still, Super8 goes to sleep. When picked up again, it vibrates to let you know it’s awake and ready for action!

Kids don’t always recognise the early stages of thirst

which can make them particularly vulnerable to becoming dehydrated.***

My kids used to come home from school with full bottles of water... now I can see they are actually drinking something!!

Sarah Warwickshire

Excellent product, have even brought one for myself! As a busy mum I was terrible at making sure I drink enough water, but now I feel a huge difference especially reducing headaches! Little one loves it and always asks for his wrist band in the mornings. Fast delivery, overall really impressed

Nicola *****

What I love about Super8 is that it doesn't have any flashing lights or screens to distract my child during the school day

Natalie Bromsgrove

Brilliant! Both my daughter 15 and son aged 8 both have one. Both terrible at remembering to drink more but with the wristbands drinking much more & feeling better too. I am thinking of getting one too

Angela *****

Great product my daughter is drinking without been prompted by me. I’m thinking of getting one myself as I’m constantly on the go sometimes I forget to hydrate as it’s easily done! Great customer service and speedy delivery would recommend. ☺️

Danielle *****

My daughter struggles with drinking water and has spent the last year in and out of hospital with scaring on her kidneys from multiple infections. The last few days she has drunk so much more than she normally would and that's down to her little reminder, so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much from one worried Mummy!!

Lea *****

Research sources

*In climates such as the UK’s, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated -






Statistics taken from study by Sodastream USA - poll of 1000 parents of children ages 4 to 12